Andrew Wood
Canard Analytics Founder

Andrew Wood is the Founder and leader of the Canard Analytics Team. An Aeronautical Engineer by training, he spent a decade as a structural analyst working on Airbus aircraft and leading the structural analysis of a new wing design for a large UAV.

It was during this time that he discovered his love of programming, especially working in Python. He developed a suite of tools to perform carbon fiber composite strength design and analysis for new aircraft before branching out into web application development in the Django Python framework. 


Word Cloud: Springbok World Cup Press Conference

A Word Cloud of the latest Springbok press conference ahead of the Rugby World Cup Final against the All Blacks.
27 October 2023

The Techno-Optimist Manifesto: A Word Cloud

A Word Cloud of venture capitalist Marc Andreessen's Manifesto on a Techno-Optimist future.
24 October 2023

Grow your Business through Automated Analysis and Reporting

Introducing Automation as a Service. A fully automated reporting service designed to elevate your business intelligence powered by seamless API access.
16 October 2023

Word Clouds as a Visualization Tool

Word clouds are an intuitive visual representation used to summarize the key themes and focus areas of a body of text. We explore when to use them and how to build them in Python.
05 July 2023

Working with JSON Files in Python

The json module is used for reading and writing JSON in the Python environment
28 June 2023

Pandas Groupby and Pivot Tables

Grouping and aggregating of data is the focus of this pandas tutorial. We cover the groupby method and pivot tables.
22 August 2022
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