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Canard Analytics is a software engineering consulting firm providing data analytics, process automation and web-based services to our clients around the World.

We are experts in Python — the de-facto programming language of technical fields such as data science and engineering.

With a strong foundation rooted in mechanical and aeronautical engineering principles, we are perfectly positioned to partner with you on your digital journey.

Products and Services

We specialise in the formulation, implementation and execution of best-in-class digital solutions across three broad categories.


Web Services

Canard Analytics provides a complete set of website and web application design and hosting services, from simple static sites, to complex web based applications.

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Data Insight & Analysis

The world is awash in data but most of it goes unrefined and unused. We can partner with you to turn your data into insights, and your insights into action.

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Automation & Digitization

We'll work with you to evaluate your existing processes to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies before getting to work on a robust digital solution.

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Our Tech Stack

Canard Analytics works primarily in Python, and we love to work with the following tools and frameworks.

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Share your Knowledge and Grow

At Canard Analytics we believe that hoarding knowledge is harmful, but sharing can make you indispensable.

Our Knowledge Hub resource is freely available and provides high quality tutorials to the Python developer community.

Knowledge Hub

Our Latest Articles
Grouping and aggregating of data is the focus of this pandas tutorial. We cover the groupby method and pivot tables.

Pandas Groupby and Pivot Tables

Grouping and aggregating of data is the focus of this pandas tutorial. We cover the groupby method and pivot tables.
22 August 2022

Boolean Indexing and Sorting in Pandas

Learn how to apply Boolean Indexing to a DataFrame to filter by specific criteria, and then sort that DataFrame by one or more columns.
19 August 2022

An Introduction to Pandas

An introduction to the Python pandas package used for data manipulation and analysis. We cover setup, data structures, and dataframe manipulation.
18 August 2022

Plotting Histograms with Matplotlib

Histograms are an important statistical analysis tool and can be quickly and easily generated using the Matplotlib hist function.
10 August 2022

Creating Pie Charts in Matplotlib

A well designed pie chart can quickly and effectively convey important conclusions from a data set. We'll show you how to build great pie charts in Matplotlib.
09 August 2022

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