Data Analytics

Our world is awash with data but most of it goes unrefined and unused. As datasets get larger, so the tools we use to refine and extract value must change too. If you are still manually working with large datasets in a spreadsheet then you're almost certainly working inefficiently. Fortunately we can help.

We will design a fully automated analysis package to perfectly suit your needs, and deliver monthly or quarterly insights to help you grow your business, cut costs, or reach your targets.

We think of data analytics as comprising three distinct steps


Raw Data

Your raw data may come from many different sources. The first step is to consolidate and clean it. Once your data is under control it starts to become useful and useable, forming the input into the analysis step.



Once the raw data has been processed the fun begins. The analysis step will look different for every client and we'll work directly with you to ensure you get the insights you require.


Insight and Action

Analysis without insight serves no purpose, and neither does gathering insight without action. We'll work with you to intelligently implement the changes required to deliver on the goals of the project.

Analytics Tech Stack

Python and its associated analysis packages are the gold standard when it comes to data science and analytics. These packages represent the state of the art in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning, Science and Engineering and Data Visualization.

Knowledge Hub

We make a number of tutorials freely available on our Knowledge Hub that cover some of the capabilities of the packages shown above.

Work with us

We'd love to be a part of your data analytics journey. How can we help?