Our Guiding Principles

At Canard Analytics we operate around seven guiding principles which we hold as core beliefs. These drives the work that we do, our company culture, and the way in which we partner and interact with our clients.

Mundane is the enemy of creativity (Automate repetetive work)

All people are inherently creative but modern workplaces often don’t provide space for our creative selves to shine. We only reach our full potential when given a chance to work on engaging, inspiring, and meaningful work. Repetitive or mundane work destroys creativity, leading to disengaged clock-watchers.

Nimple teams punch above their weight

A small, focused, and passionate team with a clear and aspirational goal is often underestimated; and will produce out-sized results when given the opportunity.

There is beauty in bootstrapping

We celebrate the innovative and disciplined culture that bootstrapping brings. Excess capital and impatient investors can hinder and distract from the job of creating a truly durable business. We focus on profitability rather than revenue.

Strive for simplicity

The simplest solution that fully solves the problem at hand is always the best solution. Unnecessary complexity should be avoided at all costs. This is as applicable in the code we write as it is in the way we communicate with our customers and ourselves.

Practice lifelong learning

Our ability to learn and grow is our greatest gift. We prioritise life-long learning and recognise that happiness and fulfilment in the workplace is achieved when we push ourselves beyond what we believe we are capable of.

Balance breeds brilliance

Our best work is done when we recognise the importance of living a healthy, balanced life. We love the work we do but understand that to maintain our high standards we must make time to unplug, relax, and unwind.

Knowledge should be shared at every opportunity

This is still a somewhat contrarian view, but in the internet age, hoarding knowledge will not make you a valuable asset. Rather, give your knowledge away, build your reputation, and become indispensable.

guiding pirinciples canard analytics compass
Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash
guiding pirinciples canard analytics compass
Photo by Jordan Madrid on Unsplash

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